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Diverse People in a Circle with Communit

We each belong to many smaller communities and a larger global community. Payne & Frazier facilitate community connections through inclusive conversations where community members discover, learn and grow together.​ Payne & Frazier’s engagement strategies include:

  • Community Conversations

  • Town Hall Meetings

  • Conversation Cafes

  • Meeting & Event Planning and Facilitation

  • Special Events


Payne & Frazier believe in education as a means of building awareness and empowering the community. That old saying knowledge is power still rings true. Educational offerings include:


Right Direction Mentoring Program



Quote on Life. Best Inspirational and mo

In empowered communities, members are educated on the successes, challenges and critical issues facing the community.


By possessing knowledge about their community, members are better positioned to be part of the solutions.


Payne & Frazier constantly look for opportunities to build awareness and facilitate learning and connections.

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