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Our Impact.


We are honored to partner with so many amazing organizations. A few of our partners are:

  • Wisconsin Housing & Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) 

  • YWCA of Southeastern Wisconsin

  • Children’s Hospital Wisconsin 

  • Butter Buds, Incorporated 

  • LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin 

  • City of Racine (Mayor’s Office) 

  • United Way of Racine County 

  • Burlington Area School District 

  • City of Racine (Mayor’s Office)

  • City of Racine (Water/Wastewater Department) 

“Our district enlisted the support of Payne and Frazier to assist us in examining our current system and practices as they related to providing inclusive practices for all students. We had a lot to learn, and the process required us to examine our beliefs and the culture of our organization. Participation in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training was a remarkable experience for our team. Kimberly, Arletta, and the rest of the team made it easy for us to engage, be vulnerable, and make changes to improve our school system. The team listened, encouraged us, and did not pass judgment. They were always there to support our journey and we certainly came out stronger as a result of the learning that we did together. We would highly recommend the training to any organization who wishes to create systemic change designed to ensure inclusivity.”

Burlington Area School District

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